Photo courtesy of Sam Domski
Nocturne in Blue, Oil on canvas. 18″ x 24″ (45 cm x 60 cm). 2013 (ref 12-12-2013)

Nocturnes in art means art inspired by night.  Originally referring to music, American painter James Whistler is said to have first used the term “nocturne” to describe his night paintings.  I had become familiar wit the works of Whistler over the years, but I really discovered Whistler’s nocturnes in an exhibition of the works of Turner, Whistler and Monet.  The exhibition traveled from Toronto to Paris to London in 2004-05.

Seeing the art of these three masters in one massive exhibition was fabulous, but Whistler’s nocturnes made a lasting impression.

Over the years I painted a number of night landscapes.  This is one of my recent nocturnes.

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