Oil Paintings

16-01 Entre chien et loup 36 x 48


After a career where I was “accountant by day, painter at night”, I decided a few years ago to devote myself fully to my art.

I am inspired by landscape. By the landscapes of the north – northern Quebec, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland. By the great sky. By the sea.

My paintings, however, go beyond landscape. They are about memory – the atmosphere, the impression left by a sunset or a sunrise or a midnight sun, by a brief glance at the clouds or the horizon or the earth or the sea. They are the abstraction of this memory. They are the imagination of this memory.

They occasionally surprise you – by the contrast of subtle color changes and hard, bold lines, with brilliant colors, black and white.

They awaken your curiosity. You discover the beauty. You remember the beauty. You rediscover the beauty. You create memories.

My paintings transport you to imagined places, to imaginary moments. The landscape that was believed to be recognized has become more ambiguous, more mysterious.

I have developed my craft of painter over the years by following courses here and there, using watercolor and pastel. Today, I mainly work in oil painting on canvas. My tools are the brush, the knife, the rag, and everything that falls under my hand.